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Katzine - The Guatemala Issue

Image of Katzine - The Guatemala Issue


Katzine is 24 pages, black and white with a colour cover. It features comics, writing and drawing… but mostly comics! There's a mix of personal stories and non-fiction, and it often contains travel-related content.

Each issue is stand-alone. This issue of Katzine has a new episode of Sergio Talk, plus a a story about an event that happened when I was visiting Guatemala in 2004. There's a page about small acts of kindness that can sometimes restore your faith in humanity, and there's also a ten-page extract from my upcoming graphic novel. My book will be printed larger than Katzine and in full colour, so the extract won't really give too much away in terms of how it all looks. It's just a little preview that I'm excited to be able to show at this stage!

Katzine comes out twice a year. You can also buy them in discounted bundles of two or four in my etsy shop -

The illustrations are pencil with digital colour/textures. It's printed on a lovely textured paper called Tintoretto.

The zine will be carefully packaged in a card-backed envelope.